Traveling is Another Name of Staying Healthy and Stress-free

Who do not want to travel? Obviously, the answer will be an undisputed ‘everyone’. Traveling, excavation or voyage whatever it might be called, is always tempting and every one of us craves for a break and when it comes with backpacks and flight tickets then the sense of excitement reaches to Cloud Nine. But our daily hectic schedule, lack of paid holidays and ever rising nightmare of reaching the targets have cut short our plan towards a dream vacation. But travelling apart from killing stress also helps us to stay healthy, away from the grab of deadly diseases.

In this article we are happy to share some of the health benefits associated with travelling so that you can get inspired to incorporate traveling in your life schedule:

Heart and its healthy roots through traveling

Co-author Elaine Eaker of the Framingham Heart Study, stated in his study that women who enjoyed one vacation during the tenure of six long years or less are more susceptible to develop coronary heart diseases compared to those lucky women who have availed at least two vacations in one year. For men the conditions are even worse with an estimated percentage of 32 out of 100 men. So, the survey itself silently votes for traveling on an annual term to regain the health of your lifeline, your heart.

Travelling gifts sound sleep

Sleep is the exit path of stress, a 6-8hrs of uninterrupted sleep can single handedly suffocate the blooming stress. According to the survey of Mark Rosekind, chief scientist of Alertness Solutions, there is a comparatively astonishing improvement in the intensity of sound sleep when examined upon a few group of persons who have returned from a week long holiday. So, one can reversely state that, traveling  with promo code for redbus is the gateway towards sound sleep which specifically kills stress facilitating a fresh and new start.

Travelling accelerates performance at work place

Drooping of performance due to the lack of proper motivation is a serious threat in the corporate world. ‘Below the bar’ performance means no promotion and definitely no incentives. Traveling can serve as an excellent medium to boost up your brain’s performance, ability and agility. Recent studies have shown that, people after returning from a vocational tour, are delivering outstanding output in their work place. Thus, it truly proves the most prevalent notion, All Works and No Play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy. Here playing is traveling for the stressed out adults.

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News which will make you smile

Unlike other 127 odd countries, The United Sates of America do not grant Minimum Paid Leave law. Many people, who have the privilege of paid vacation, do not avail this luxury (many people avoid traveling due to the fear of unwanted expenses) and other corporate robots are completely deprived of these kinds of benefits. In order to give this tight work culture a tight and stern answer, Minimum Leave Protection, Family Bonding and Personal Well Being Act was introduced in 2007. According to this amendment, anyone who have ingeniously devoted one year of dedicated service to any organization, should be showered with a blessing of 3 weeks of paid vacation.

If you are still not ready with a travel plan for the coming year and instead of that fighting to meet the daily or monthly work targets then do consider traveling prior to achieving the targets as the former “T” will passively augment the efficiency required for grabbing the later “T”. Traveling is another synonymous word and name for productivity, recreation, health and an overall stress-free life. So, enjoy travelling with Make My Trip coupon code and enjoy the benefits of staying fit, healthy and happy in return.