Tips to Travel on a Budget in India

India is an excellent place for backpackers. However, you may have no idea on how to travel on a budget if it is the first time.  Be wary of travel touts who are out to wring the maximum money out of you.

Here are some tips on how to travel on a budget to India:


  • Do research: India is a very big country and each state is as big as a country like the UK. So it will take months just to explore one province. Hence, scrutinize your online map and select two or three regions to explore on your holiday. Decide how much time you have in each region and what you intend to explore in a particular region as you may be spoilt for choice. Use your map to select the places you want to explore say in a 2 week trip so that you don’t end up spending most of your time in a train.
  •  Choose one or two states: Arriving at Delhi, the capital, you can choose to explore the city at the end of your trip so you can explore other regions at leisure. Select two neighboring states you find most attractive on the basis of travel guides and books. Also, check distances so that you can book air tickets back to Delhi or you will spend too many days on train. You can also visit Worlds of Wonder amusement park in Delhi-Noida.
  • Keep the journey simple: Many people pack their bags without considering what they will need actually. You should carry minimum luggage to keep your journey simple. Security screenings require you to remove belts, shoes etc, so you must avoid traveling with too many straps, buckles and laces.
  • Choose modes off travel: People usually travel by air or by trains. Tourists will find travel costs quite inexpensive. If it is a short distance, train journey is ideal to get a taste of real India.  Travel by train wherever possible to cut costs. But you must go in for air travel if time is a constraint.
  • Sample local cuisine: Food is really cheap in India including street food as well as upscale restaurants. A decent dinner at an up market joint may cost you Rs. 1500 per head while small eateries may cost you only Rs. 150 per head. Travelling by train allows you to sample the delights offered by services like This company offers catering to Indian Railways at major railway stations. Food is cheap, delicious, and hygienic.
  • Contact local travel agents:  The main tip for a good trip to India is to secure the help of a local travel agent with good reputation. Once you have decided where to go and what to see, you can send feelers to various travel agents. You must check for Indian travel agents with whom you will enjoy the best prices, first hand information and support. Checkout their website to get an idea of their level of experience and expertise.
  • Book tickets in advance:  To save a considerable amount of money, book your flight and train tickets much in advance. You can conduct an online comparison before you book tickets. Tourist Visas also cost less when booked in advance.

These are some tips for backpackers who want to travel in India on a budget.

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