The Ultimate Holiday for Adrenaline Addicts

There are more adventurous people than we realise, and with so many ways to be extreme, the real adrenalin junkies look for a location with multiple thrills, and with that in mind, there isn’t a better place on Earth than Queenstown. The list of exhilarating activities is long, and with a pleasant setting in a coastal town, the social life is something else. Here is an overview of some of the mind blowing things you can do in this cosmopolitan town.

Bungee Jumping

Queenstown is the home of bungee jumping, and there are several sites that offer the thrill of leaping into the abyss, with the Nevis Bungy being the most extreme, as it involves a 134 metre drop that gives you 8.5 seconds of freefall, so if you wanted to know what it feels like to jump from a skyscraper roof, this is for you. There are tamer jumps, and even they are a thrill, and with the many shops and restaurants around, you can make a day of it. The Nevis Bungy is located in the mountains, about 40 minutes’ drive from the town, but car rental in Queenstown is affordable, and is the best solution when you want to take a day trip.

Skiing and Snowboarding

There are four locations that offer the skier a real challenge, with slopes for beginners and experts alike, and you can rent all the equipment at a reasonable cost. Ski lessons are always available, and if you want to try snowboarding, there are introductory sessions for beginners. You could take in three of the venues in a day, and with cheap car rental in Queenstown, travel is easy and convenient.

Airborne Activities

Queenstown is set in a wonderful region which is best viewed from the air, and with hang gliding, you can really experience a bird’s eye view of the town and surrounding mountains. The less confident could take a helicopter ride through some breath-taking gorges and valleys, and there are hot air balloon trips for the those who like a silent glide.

Jetboat Rides

Not for the faint hearted, a jetboat ride takes you swiftly down narrow canyons, and with stunning driving skills, the vessel miraculously makes the trip in one piece. The Shotover River holds the best routes, and if the family is feeling brave, you can all experience this amazing ride through the rapids.

Wild Social Life

It is hardly surprising when you realise that many adrenalin junkies in one location would make for a wild night scene, and Queenstown definitely has that covered. The party atmosphere goes on until the early hours, and there is a range of entertainment venues and traditional pubs and bars in the town. For many tourists who come year after year, the social side of the holiday is important, and they tend to see the same faces and form new relationships with likeminded people.

This is definitely the place to go if you are into the thrills of extreme activities, and with a great social scene, you can party the night away.