Self Sufficient Holidays – A New Trend

No matter how hard you try, there is always something that limits your holiday. Flight times are non-negotiable and breakfast is only available between certain hours, while tours are scheduled on specific days, and all of this makes for a strained experience, as you have to tailor your mood to the event. Imagine a holiday where you are in complete control, you decide where you will go and how long you will stay there. It might be for an hour, or a week, depending on how you and your family feel. Add to this the fact that your luxury accommodation is also your transport, and throw in a fully functional kitchen and climate control, and you have the ultimate in self-sufficiency.

The Open Road

A self-driving holiday isn’t so far removed from exploring with your backpack, except you have all the luxuries on board your motorhome, and you are equipped to stay in any environment. The latest generation of campervans would include the following:

  • Sleeping Berths
  • A/C and Heating
  • Cooking facilities
  • Shower and Toilet
  • Entertainment (DVD & MP3)
  • Seating area

If, for example, you were planning a self-driving holiday and were looking for camper rental in Australia, an online search would put you in touch with an established vehicle hire company, and with a range of quality vehicles at affordable prices, your holiday will be one to remember.

Freedom and Flexibility

Spending your holiday in a motorhome allows you to decide where you go and more importantly, how long you stay. We all know the feeling of going on a full day tour, and within a few minutes we realise that this is not what we envisaged, yet the tour bus brought you, so you have no choice but to spend the day in a place that is less than ideal. Having your own campervan allows you to move whenever the fancy takes you, and if you find an idyllic spot, you can stay for as long as you like.

Campsite Availability

Of course, this is a concern, as most people feel more secure parking overnight in a campsite that has all the facilities one might need, and if you have decided on camper rental in Australia, there are campsites everywhere as motorhome holidays are so popular there. The long coastal roads offer quiet little corners where you can stop for the night, and with your own power source and full amenities, you require nothing more than the parking space.

The Hire Company

The vehicle supplier can do a lot more than just supply your wheels, and with their knowledge of local attractions, you can plan the perfect route. Simply tell them what kind of things interest you and they will be sure to recommend some venues that only the locals know about. You will also have the benefit of round the clock support, should anything go wrong, and with comprehensive insurance and replacement vehicles, there is no chance of your holiday being spoiled.

Self-driving holidays are fast becoming the best way to travel and experience the local culture, and whatever your chosen route, the experience will be something of an adventure.