Pune a Modern City and a Melting Pot of Cultures


Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. It is also conceived as the cultural capital of the state, and is a rapidly developing city that is home to an increasing number of companies and industries. Meanwhile, it is also a perfect destination for holidaying. Head to the city to explore it, and for accommodations choose from the best 5 Star hotels in Pune.

Pune from all aspects is a complete tourist destination. Beautiful nature, great culture that earned it the epithet of cultural capital of Maharashtra, great history, good living standards, excellent educational and professional environment, and state-of-art city infrastructure, there isn’t anything that the city lacks. Situated in the influential state of Maharashtra, the city is the second most significant and amongst the largest cities in the state. Formerly named as Punyanagari, which means the city of righteous deeds, the city is also at times referred to as Queen of Deccan. It enjoys pleasant weather, which remains in the city and regions around almost year long, giving the time and perfect conditions to the nature to flourish and grow to the fullest.

Pune also finds fame for its world-class educational system. Some of the nation’s best colleges and universities are settled in the city. To name some include: FTII, Fergusson College, Symbiosis, and the large number of engineering colleges. It is for this fact that the city is also referred to as the “University town”.

Note that Pune is one of the cities where major part of the populous is educated. English and Hindi is easily understood, however, it is also conceived as the national centre of people speaking Marathi. Besides, the city also earns popularity for its commercial and industrial importance. The major industries in the city include glass, Information Technology, sugar, automotive companies, and forging. Excellent education and a mass of opportunities bring large number of young people towards the city, and it also makes the city a true melting pot of varied cultures.

As far as tourism is involved, the city is one ideal destination to head to. It take days to explore and relish the long list of attractions in the city. Of the major tourist attractions in the city, there is Katraj Snake Park. If one is about offbeat tourism and doesn’t follows the usual tour routine, the park is a must visit. It is an interesting park that is home to a collection of over 160 snake species. Meanwhile, the park is completely safe for the tourists as well as the snakes. It was established in 1986 which was the result of the numerous efforts of Mr. Neelam Kumar Khaire and the Pune Municipal Corporation. Other than the snakes, the park also houses varied species of reptiles, turtles, and birds.

In the meantime, the snakes are the prime highlight of the conservation park. The King Cobra which could grow to nine feet, and the Brown Palm Civet are the major attractions. Besides, the rare species of turtles and birds also catch the attention. There also exist a zoo and a library within the park’s premise. The library is a storehouse of lots of information on snakes. The conservation park is located at Katraj on Pune-Satara highway, and number of local modes of transportation are available that ply to the site of the park. Besides, there are some 5 star hotels in Pune that also offer transportation to the park.

Simply put, Pune is one beautiful city dotting the map of the nation. It is also an excellent destination for vacationing and is replete of attractions of tourism. Head to Pune to experience it, and for accommodation go through the long Pune hotels list to choose from the best.