Make The Best Out of Guntur Tour With a Stay at Hotels in Guntur


Replete of great history and historical monuments, Guntur is a city to spend a memorable holiday. Simply head to this enchanting city located in the west region of the nation and choose your accommodation from best hotels in Guntur. India is home to some unique and interesting destinations, and to much of a surprise even though not being too popular they house some of the best sightseeing places and things to do. Guntur, a small city in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is one among such cities. Located about 40 miles to the west of Bay of Bengal, the city is today a major city in the encompassing state. It is surrounded by important river Krishna, which then meets the ocean. Modernization has already spread its tentacles in the city, and this is pretty prominent in the streets, infrastructure, and changing lifestyle of the city.

Tourism-wise, it is very interesting to know how this little city in the map of the nation houses a plethora of tourist attractions. The city is straightaway a bliss to the historians and architects. Guntur is an ancient city, and this becomes very prominent after going a few miles away from the city centre. The city is dotted by a huge number of ancient monuments that are standing to their very place from hundreds & thousands of ages. Located at about 16 miles from the city there is a place called Amravathi that houses a famed temple of Amareswara Swamy. The place also consists of a 2nd century stupa called Mahachaitya Stupa that is deeply adorned by the carvings that depict the life and teaching lord Buddha. The stupa also consists of a museum containing a good collection of monuments, inscriptions, relics and antiques.

Other than the Amaravathi, the other historically significant places in the city that worth visit include: Kondaveedu and Kondaveedu fort, Guthikonda Caves in Kotappakonda, Sitanagaram, Managalagiri, and Undavalli-caves. Each aforementioned place is a must visit and offers a new aspect of tourism in the city. Many of the ancient monuments of the city also house of some most revered temples, making them not just a tourist point but also a place to worship.

What’s more, many of the above mentioned attractions are located in such places that are also fun for trekking and hitch-hiking. For example, reaching the ruins of the fort that stands in the hilltop of Kondaveedu by foot is one fine trekking route, challenging the best out of you. In addition, about 100 miles from the city there also exists a forest reserve called Uppalapadu Nature Conservation. It is a perfect place for bird watching and relaxing amidst of beautiful nature.

Coming to the accommodation part, with the significant rise in the infrastructure of the city, there has been a growth in the number of hotels in Guntur. Today, the city has no dearth of hotels, which gives one plenty of options to choose the best accommodation suiting his needs, expectations, and budget.

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