Hampi, a World Heritage Site Replete of Countless Attractions


Hampi is certainly the dream destination to history lovers and architecture enthusiasts. It is a magnificent old city, that tells the glorious history of Vijayanagar Empire. Simply head to the city and choose the best hotels in Hampi for comfortable accommodations.

Hampi, a city that still lives in the past and oozes its glorious historical heritages, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Located in the southern state of Karnataka, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on account of housing the ruins and remnants of once magnificent capital of Vijayanagar Empire which after the Mughals, dominated large part of southern regions of the nation. The city is one of the oldest cities in the nation and dates back to the 14th Century. Before the fall of the city, it was a rich and flourishing city. Diamonds of unimaginable values were sold in the streets, with a street called the Pan Supaari Street being the hub of all the diamond and other precious stones business. The place lies in a boulder-laden rocky landscape, evenly patched by lush greenery. The place itself is a little oasis consisting of lush banana, palm, and mango trees set in the vicinity of the flourishing river. It is well worth place to visit. It is a great place to spend some time in tranquillity wandering around and discovering the mesmerizing attractions of the lost city, and may also have some ‘you’ time.

Tourism is pretty big in Hampi. The city receives good waves of visitors throughout the year, the history buffs, explorers, and adventurers in particular are the prime visitors here. If you are planning to visit the city, try scheduling your trip during the month of Hampi Utsav. The city celebrates Hampi Utsav every year in the first week of November. The festival is simply an extravaganza of dance, art, music, and culture to relish. During the festival the ruins of the old city are lit by colorful lights at night, making the whole scenery a visual delight.

Getting into the city is a task to complete. The roads are the only modes to actually reach the city. Besides, the nearest railway station to the city is the Hospet Junction 13km from the city. If you are travelling by air, the Hubli airport is the nearest airport to the city. It is about 143 km from the city and is a typical modern airport. The good thing is there is frequent Mumbai to Hubli flights and flights from Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore etc.

Getting all out by yourself and exploring and discovering the lost attractions of the city is the best way to explore the city. One can rent a cycle on a day basis. It is a cool and cheap way of getting around and exploring the city’s attractions. The must visit places in the city include:  Royal Enclosures, Lakshmi Narasimha temple, Hazara Rama Temple, Vithala Temple, Queen’s Bath, Hemakuta Hill temples, the Stepped Bath, Achyut Raya temple, Mahanavmi Dibba, Statue of Lakshmi Narasimha, Hampi Bazaar, Monolith Bull, Virupaksha Temple, Elephant Stables, Zanana Enclosure, Big Shivlinga, and Matanga Hill.

Coming to accommodations in Hampi. Though the number of hotels in Hampi is bit constrained, but that doesn’t has any impact on the accommodation offered by them. Most of the hotels in the city belong to mid-range hotels category. Sunny Guesthouse, Krishna Palace, Shanthi Guest House, Sri Laxmi Golden Beach Resort, and Gopi Guesthouse are some of the best hotels in the city ideal for a relaxing, content stay.