Gulmarg – A Flawless Destination Nestled In The Far North Of India

One of the most flawless destinations in North India, Gulmarg is a must visit destination if you include Jammu and Kashmir in your itinerary. Gulmarg has many places of tourist attractions and makes for a perfect vacation away from your busy schedule. This article talks about the things you can do during your stay in Gulmarg.


Gulmarg is a standout amongst the most dazzling hill stations in India. It has some marvelous spots to see like the Nagin valley, the Apharwat top, and Pattan. The St. Mary’s congregation prominent for its Victorian building design is visited by numerous travellers and tourists. Gulmarg has some of most stunning treks in world available mainly during the mid year. Skiing season begins from December till early April. The main tourist attraction in Gulmarg is the Gondola, which is the highest operating cable car in whole world.

Gulmarg is approachable from Srinagar by road. A travel from a Gulmarg to Srinagar taxi takes about 2 hours one way. Between these two places, after an hour of travel from any side, you will come across the town of Tangmarg. Tamang is also a much sought after tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the main destinations skiers travel to from Gulmarg during peak winters for skiing.

There is not a hint of possibility that one would go to Gulmarg and not go to the Gondola Lift. The main tourist attraction of Gulmarg, this wonder is located in the background of the magnificent Himalayan Peaks in the Gondola village of Gulmarg, this cable car is at a height of about 13,500 feet. The place is swarmed by both domestic tourists and tourists and the cable car carries about 600 people every hour non stop. This link lift administration contains 2 extends that travel an aggregate separation of 5 km. Finished in May 2005, the second phase of the Gulmarg-Apharwat link auto venture joins Kongdoori station at 3,099 m with Apharwat at 3,979 m. In the middle of Kongdoor and Apharwat, the vertical ascent is 880 m.

Food is cheap and you can eat your fill at any dhaba for about 200 bucks per thali. There are small cafes and restaurants serving good comfort food providing a good ambience with some nice soft music playing in the background. Drinking options are scarce although alcohol is not prohibited in this part. The places to visit are in plenty and the more you explore and go out the more you discover. There are numerous peaks you can trek up to, many valleys which make up for a great hangout and picnic spot.

Gulmarg is one of the most beautiful places in India and definitely a place you should visit to complete your Jammu and Kashmir experience. After your stay in Gulmarg, you can head to Srinagar via a Gulmarg to Srinagar cab and explore the beautiful land furthermore.