Gulet Cruises: Tips for First Timers

This summer vacation, do something different and exciting. If this is your first time to Turkey, it is perhaps a very good opportunity to give the gulet cruise in Turkey a definite go. The gullet cruises are becoming a hot choice for many travelers because of the pleasant experience. Here are some tips that will come in handy for you to enjoy the trip across the Mediterranean Sea if this is your first time.

Head South

If you are traveling to Turkey in the summers, then avoid going to the Northern side of the Mediterranean Sea. That part of the country is dotted with pine forests, which means there will be wasps and you run a risk of being stung. This is the reason it is advised to head south and not be attacked by exotic bees and insects. No one likes to get allergies and bites from the mosquitoes while they are on a trip.


Plan the trip well

When you are on the sea, timing plays a very huge role. For instance, to get a good night sleep, you should avoid sleeping when the gulet is rolling. It is always better to catch up on sleep while you are docked on a bay. This is the best way to ensure sound rest and not being disturbed because of rocking in the high seas. Another point to note that avoid being on the shore too much unless you have to get off the boat to see the ruins. Travel the itinerary in such a way that you are traveling between morning and afternoon when the sea is calmer and the weather is cooler. If you are the swimming in the sea sort of a person, then perhaps you should plan your travel around September when the water is a little warmer as compared to spring when the sea water is relatively colder.

Make Prior Bookings

Trip down the sea have become increasingly popular because of the experience that it has to offer. So it is always better to look for options far ahead of your plan. This way you not only get good deals, but will be able to do your due diligence about the service provider, as well. While Turkey is known for its hospitality, the last minute traveling on the gulet can be a little risky.

Stay Safe

Turkey is a very warm and hospitable country, but the foreigners are always advised to stay safe. Check our gulet cruise in Turkey  thoroughly and read all the reviews carefully before booking. Also lookout for anyone while on the boat that seems suspicious. For your own safety, avoid too much interaction with the people who do not seem too friendly. This is just basic travel advice to all the people who are traveling to Turkey.

This part of Europe is magnificent and gets tourists by millions each year. The gulet tour is just the cherry on the cake that enhances the whole experience of being in a country, which is known for its art, architecture, and cuisine.

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