Exploring the history of Delhi

The history of the capital city of India can be best understood from the essence its culture and rich diversity. There is no denying the fact that Delhi is seemingly one of the best of all places that can truly signify and essence of enigmatic Indian culture.

Delhi is among the few places that is home to an array of cultures. Here the people from various faiths, religions and ethnicities live their life in harmony. This adds to the marvellously eminent flavours of Delhi making it one of the most exciting places in the entire nation. Exploring Delhi has no end and therefore one needs to know how to get started.

A walk down the lane of History

With history down the lanes of Delhi, all you need to do have the right places to visit up your sleeve for the much-coveted historical walks in Delhi. The old ecstasy of Delhi has the following to offer.

  • QutubMinar: As one of the most coveted landmarks of Delhi, this place is as astounding as anyone would have imagined it to be. Being a classical heritage of Old Delhi, this place needs to be kept in the realms of memories for sure.
  • India Gate: This monumental wonder in the heart of the city is a must visit at all costs. With the heritage and rich history of the nation associated with this monumental ecstasy, all that a person needs to is get along the right track for sure.
  • Parliament House: The Parliament House is a grand place that reserves the heritage of India. It is one of the most decorated places of India considering the high prolificacy of the democratic nation. This place has a very astute presence and forms an integral part of sightseeing in old Delhi.
  • Humayun’s Tomb:Humayun’s Tomb is one of the most significant places of Old Delhi. This Mughal Baadshah was referred to as one of the most successful leaders of the era. This place is a depiction of magnificent architecture that can only be imagined at the hands of the royal dynasty.
  • Red Fort: Being one of the most iconic figures and architectural wonder in old Delhi, the Red Fort is certainly not to be missed. This place is certainly an architectural wonder that has been kept preserved since ages. The place is a serene depiction of the old cultures and traditions that have been handed over for generations and generations. The wonder of the place can surely be never described by virtue of words.
  • Jama Masjid: The Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India and situated in old Delhi. A visit to this magnificent destination can certainly bring the person back into time and let them nurture a feeling of being in the older era. The surrounding places collectively comprise of people from various faiths and religions making it a highly diverse and liberal place to dwell.

The wonders of Old Delhi is a direct reflection of the rich history and culture that had been present. Delhi heritage places reflect the architectural and historical significance that has been handed down from generations to generations. For kids and families, There are many theme and amusement parks such as Adventure Island, Worlds of Wonder, Oysters Appu Ghar, Fun n Food Village and Kingdoms of dream etc.