Experiencing Euphoria of Chandigarh While Exploring its Gardens

Chandigarh is one of the finest destinations where one can spend a memorable vacation. It is a city adorned by several attractions that are amongst the best man-made marvels in the entire world. The Nek Chand Garden, Garden of Fragrance, and Cactus Garden are some of the best gardens in the city. Head to the city to explore-experience its allures in real and for accommodations choose from best hotels in Chandigarh. jolly

Chandigarh is beautiful city that finds fame for being one of the most best planned cities in India which is also a rich prosperous city where the crime rate is very low and the pollution is much lesser than the pollution in other metro cities in India. Formed in the years following the independence of India and separation of Pakistan from India, Chandigarh was formed with the motives to make it the capital of Punjab. The high-altitude location of the city makes the climate soothing in most of the months in a year. However, the city also receives extremities of summers and winters. Nonetheless, it is a city which has jolliness in everything. People here never go out of gas, they are energetic and very friendly, and are most known for their flamboyant lifestyle.


When it comes about places to visit and the allures of the city, Chandigarh has many. Most of these are primarily artificial and are some of the best creations of men. Of the various significant attractions the gardens that patch the city are amongst the must-visit. There are some really interesting gardens in Chandigarh that are not just the ideal spots to relax or for morning/evening walks, but are also the places where one will find something interesting.

The Cactus Garden in Panchkula is one interesting garden that will develop an interest in every traveller visiting the city. It is about 8 km from the centre of Chandigarh and is well-connected by roads. One can board on bus, or even reserve a cab. Meanwhile, there are certain good hotels in Chandigarh that offer pick and drop services to Cactus Garden. The garden has a huge and excellent plantation of several species of cactus plants, about 3500 different species. It is the biggest succulent garden in Asia and covers a land of 7 acres. The year 1987 was the year when the garden was set up, and since then it has been attracting locals as well as tourists from all across the nation. Today, as the number of tourists visiting the garden is rising, there is also an increase in the species of cactus.

The Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is yet another unique and interesting garden in the city. Deriving its name after the creator Nek Chand, the garden houses interesting sculptures that were made up of nothing but the industrial waste. Nek Chan single-handedly created most of the garden, he used his spare time in building the garden and as it started getting bigger people also started generating interest on the garden. Later the government took over the garden and today maintains the garden as well as tourism in it. There are several sculptures and art objects dotting the garden, and beautiful courtyards adorn it. It is one of the major gardens in the city and witnesses thousands of tourists visiting it daily.

The other major gardens in Chandigarh include: Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Garden of Fragrance, Pinjore Garden, and Butterfly Park. In short, Chandigarh is a city that has no dearth of beautiful gardens. Pick a suitable one from the several
Chandigarh tour packages, book the flights and hotel, and head to the city to explore-relish the allures of Chandigarh in real.