6 Best Weekend Getaways From Chennai

Chennai in itself garners a huge crowd of visitors every year but what is even more intriguing is, the number of beautiful place just a few hours from Chennai making up for a perfect weekend getaway. This article talks about the 6 best weekend getaways from Chennai.


Chennai, the industrial powerhouse of Tamil Nadu and also frequently making into the list of the best places to visit in India and the world. Chennai is a great place to stay and settle down in or just a visit. It has various places of interest and beautiful beaches and beach resorts. Chennai also has a host beautiful places which makes for a great weekend getaway. Some of them are mentioned below.

One of the most happening places in India, Pondicherry is also called Pondy by most locals. A former French colony, the influence left behind by the French can be seen in its architectures and cuisine. Also known for its larger than life beach rave parties during peak seasons, Pondicherry is undoubtedly one of the favorite weekend getaway destinations as all you have to do is hop on a Chennai to Pondicherry taxi and you reach your destination in 3 hours.

A slow laid back town with many ancient wonders like Krishna Mandapa, Trimurti Cave Temple, Ganesh Ratha, Draupadi Ratha and also many other archaeological treasures making it a World Heritage Site. The town is also called Mahabs in short. The best time to visit is when the town celebrates a festival called the Mamallapuram Dance Festival.

Widely known mainly for having the best healthcare services in India, this town in close proximity makes for a great weekend getaway. Vellore has a rich assortment of monuments of cultural heritage, the very reason why it has been dubbed the “Fort city of Tamil Nadu”. Vellore is also a beautiful place with picturesque scenery.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places not only in Tamil Nadu but the whole of India. Kodaikanal also lovingly called the “Princess of Hill Stations”, is one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in India. Take a stroll along Kodaikanal and take pictures of the majestic landscape from the various viewpoints. A visit to the Berijam Lake, Bear Shola Falls and Silver Cascade are a must during your visit to Kodaikanal.

Ooty is one of the most popular hill stations in India. A quaint town with various gardens and beautiful small cottages built by the British during the colonial rule. The houses and cottages are in sync with each other and with the added scenery, the town can easily make you feel like you have arrived at a small town in the suburbs of a English countryside.

Tirupati is a name every Hindus will have heard of. One of a major pilgrimage site, not only is this one of the richest pilgrimage sites of any religion, it is also the most visited temple in the whole world. Every year millions of devotees from all parts of the world flow into this place. It is one of the most common weekend getaway for people from Chennai. It take you about 3 hours from a Chennai to Tirupati taxi.